Centrality of God's Word

The Bible is God's inerrant, inspired Word and is our ultimate authority in teaching and living. 


A lifelong growing relationship, through the indwelling Holy Spirit, is our source of daily joy and peace


Love is the most visible sign of the follower of Jesus. Love the Lord with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself. 

Redemptive relationships

We encourage every Christian to be sharing Christ with their peers in their own unique way through the power of the Holy Spirit and we support those working cross-culturally.

Ongoing Spiritual Growth

Growing in Christ involves a deepening relationship with Christ, increasing in knowledge of His truth, and by His power, greater service for His kingdom

gift oriented ministry

We have been endowed by the Holy Spirit with gifts to be used in the Lord's service.


Authentic Worship

Recognizing, experiencing, and responding God's presence is a natural outflow of a personal relationship with Christ.

Persistent PRayer

Prayer is crucial for changing lives and sustaining ministry. We encourage daily, persistent prayer. 


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